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19 November 1979
suburban, Minnesota, United States
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last updated: 01/15/10

1.) married September 19, 2009

2.) turned 30 November 19, 2009...somehow managed NOT to have a complete nervous breakdown over that one

3.) officially diagnosed: dysthymia, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, adhd: predominately inattentive type...still ineffectually treated for much of the above, still trying to find what works

4.) unemployed (fired after 9 years in the same job) ... greatly influenced by #3

5.) still not in the nut house because of man in #1

6.) Contrary to what you might read here, I am actually a decent [fiction] writer.

7.) I own 3 domains with grand plans for website projects...currently they sit as mere pipe dreams.

8.) I don't do politics or religion.

9.) There is NO superfluous H in my name!

10.) Despite my outwardly bitchy demenor around here, I am one of the nicest damn people you will ever meet.